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Mikey Hardin is a murderer. At least that’s what his ex-wife wants the police to believe…

A tattoo artist and single father, Mikey becomes a suspect in a series of homicides thanks to an anonymous tip from his ex. The case against him seems straightforward, especially since Mikey is connected to the victims, but police detective Harry Hunter knows finding the psychopath isn’t that simple. The physical evidence doesn’t add up. After Mikey is released and amid the turmoil of his life, he meets Grace Bell, a beautiful divorcee, in a chance encounter.

Mikey is everything that straight-laced Grace isn’t…

Grace is tired of living a rigid existence and wants to break free from the routine of her mundane life. The tattoo artist’s free spirit and charm quickly draw her into his world. From the back of his Harley, he teaches her how to let go and have fun, leading to a sizzling passion she never knew existed.

Another woman is found dead, and the killer isn’t finished yet…

Grace is unaware of Mikey’s part in the investigation of the local homicides, but when her estranged father, detective Harry Hunter, finds out who she’s dating, he’s quick to fill her in. Even though he thinks Mikey is innocent, there is a killer in Webster and he’s not stopping until he gets what he wants. Every victim is connected to Mikey, and her father fears Grace will be next.

After Detective Hunter receives a threatening phone call from the killer, he rushes to protect his daughter, but is Grace really the next target of the…
Tattoo Killer?

My Review (1)
eARC provided in exchange for an honest review

This one was a cute story with a slight suspenseful twist – but it was definitely such fun to read!

We open up to a scene wherein the hero, Mike Hardin is being interrogated for the murder of a young woman, and it’s pretty easy to actually believe that he is innocent, especially after the monologue wherein he talks about his witch of an ex-wife; who is the one who is creating such suspicions.

But even through all this suspicions and the turmoil, he makes sure that he is there for his young son, making him a pretty wonderful father. While he is trying really hard not fall into romantic entanglements, Grace is a woman who worms herself into his life and his heart!

Grace Bell, is a recent divorcee and definitely a person who isn’t that well versed in the art of romance! So when she meets a man who she is instantly attracted to, she is definitely interested for she has always been called a cold woman by her ex-husband.

What happens when she finds out that he is a murder suspect? And not just any murder suspect, but a psychopathic serial killer!?

What I loved about this story is the narration – you get a whole lot of multiple POV’s – from Mike’s to Grace’s to the cop who is investigating the murders, Harry’s and then last but definitely not the least, the killers – what it does is provides a 360 view of the plot, the characters in real time, and thus it becomes like a motion picture inside your head.

The characters are quite wonderful – Mike is a brilliant and an amazing hero, Grace takes a while to get used to (I couldn’t fathom a 30+ year old giggling at every word at the start!); Harry is a typical relentless cop who doesn’t let go of his convictions; but most of all I adored the relationship between Mike and his son, Brayden. And while Grace and Mike’s relationship couldn’t be called Insta-Love, it came quite close to it (hence, my mixed feelings about it!).

The suspense is where Tattoo Killer falls a bit short – it didn’t take me long to figure who the real killer was – yet I still enjoyed reading the story, for I needed to know that these characters also figured out and everything ended the way it was supposed to!

All in all, it was a fun few hours I spent with this book, and I am looking forward to where this series might go.


Cheers, Pavi

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The doorbell to Ink Addiction chimed and Mikey inwardly groaned. He ducked behind the curtain toward the back of the shop. Through a gap he watched Detective Harry Hunter survey the parlor until he spotted the glass top counter and Mandy.
Her bright smile greeted him. “What can we help you with today?”
“Looking for Mikey Hardin. Is he here?”
Please don’t tell him I’m here.
“Yeah, he’s in the back.” She nodded in Mikey’s direction.
“Mike!” she shouted. Her feet padded toward him. “Mike…”
He came out of his hiding spot and nearly ran into her.
Her face flushed. “Oh…this guy is here to see—”
“I heard.”
Mandy returned to her post behind the counter as Hunter joined Mikey back by his work station, a cup of coffee in his hand.
“Hardin, need to have a word with you.”
What now?
“All right.” He waved him over. “We’ll need to make this quick, got another tattoo to do in twenty minutes.”
“This won’t take long. I’ll come right out with it. Do you know a Chelsea Rand?” Hunter scrutinized Mikey’s face.
“No, can’t say I do. Is there a reason you’re asking about her?”
“She was found murdered.”
“Another one? Shit, when?”
Harry sipped his coffee, eyeing Mikey over the rim of the cup. “About a year ago.”
“And you think I had something to do with it?” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “When is this nightmare going to end?” he muttered under his breath.
“What’s that?” Hunter asked.
“Nothing. When did you say she was killed?”
“A year ago. You didn’t know her?”
“That’s what I said.”
“Do you keep records of your customers?”
“Clients. Yes, but names only unless they pay with a credit card. Sometimes emails.”
“You wouldn’t happen to have the list handy or on a computer, would you?”
Mikey walked behind the curtain where he’d tried hiding from the detective. Hunter followed him.
He sat down at a glass top desk with chrome legs and began tapping on the laptop keyboard. He entered the name into the search function of the scheduling program. Chelsea Rand came up, along with her email address used for newsletters with the dates and times of all her appointments. Hunter leaned over his shoulder.
“How come I see her name?” the detective asked.

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About The Author (3)
A.J. Norris is a romantic suspense and paranormal romance novelist. She began writing as a way to dim down the voices inside her head. She enjoys being able to get inside someone else’s head, even a fictional one, and see what they see. Watching how her characters deal with difficult situations or squirm with the uncomfortable ones make the hard work of writing all worth it. She is a movie buff, especially book adaptations, loves watching her son play baseball and communing with other writers. She lives with her family who are extremely tolerant (at least most of the time) of all her late nights behind the computer.




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