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Book Review + Giveaway: The Wrong Prince by C.K. Prince

The Wrong Prince

Two princes. One bride. A dire misunderstanding…

Geo and Dmitri are the princes of Tybiria. Though Geo is the obvious athlete, it’s bookish Dmitri that yields the credit – and consequences – for slaying a foreign prince. But whose arrow really struck the boy?

Luccia Camerlane is the Baron of Backshore’s enigmatic daughter…as well as Prince Geo’s secret mistress…until she learns of her disastrous betrothal to none other than his brother, Prince Dmitri.

When Dmitri is abducted by the deranged King of Llewes, star-crossed lovers Geo and Lucie must set aside their woes and differences to rescue the Crown Prince from the formidable Wintersea fortress. A precocious castle ward, a fascinating love-quadrangle, and a hit-woman harlot complete this action packed rom com in another wickedly fast-paced fantasy adventure from C.K. Brooke, author of The Red Pearl and the Books of Jordinia.

My Review (1)

Disclaimer: While I sincerely wish that my review for this book is going to unbiased, I have to be honest when i say it might not be FOR IT HAS A CHARACTER NAMED AFTER ME!! EEPP!!! Still I have tried my level best to be objective for this review! 😀

I had become a fan of the adventure and the world that Ms. Brooke created, ever since I read The Duchess Quest (Read My Review) as an ARC – so when she emailed me saying she LOVED my review and that she would try and incorporate my name in one of books! (you have no idea, how hard I squealed when I read that!)

So when she contacted me, telling me that her newest book actually has a character named Pavi? Yeah, I almost brought the whole house down! 😀

AND THERE IS A BRILLIANT CHARACTER PAVI IN THIS ONE (yes, I am biased but she is actually brilliant – and I will be talking about her brilliance at the end of this review!) – but I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s talk about the book first!

Geo and Luccie are not only in an illicit relationship but are also in love; but Geo being the Prince of Tybiria and Luccie, being the daughter of a Baron; cannot hope to have a successful conclusion to their romance – and when Luccie finds out that her betrothal is being announced to someone else, she has no choice but to break Geo’s heart – especially when the biggest surprise comes in the fact that she has been betrothed to none other than Geo’s brother Dmitri, the Crown Prince of Tybiria.

Dmitri and Geo have the most wonderful relationship – both have their strengths and their weakness, but it is their respect and loyalty of each towards the other, that actually warmed my heart!

When Dmitri is kidnapped in an act of vengeance by the king of a rival kingdom, it Geo who volunteers to go forth and rescue him, without even aa hint of bitterness towards him for “stealing” the woman he fell in love with! But it is when Luccie stubbornly follows him to rescue Dmitri, is when the real action starts! There is a whole lot of misunderstanding between Geo and Luccie, so Luccie wants to take this time to clear the air as well as taking his back.

Dmitri, on the other hand is now imprisoned in fearful Wintersea fortress, highly formidable place; where it is not only difficult to get into, but also quite difficult to escape. It here, where Dmitri meets the one girl, who has the power to help him out of the prison: Pavlova Ward aka Pavi (YESSS!!! THAT IS MY NAME!!!)

So there are two plotlines simultaneously occurring – the rescue mission that Geo and Luccie are on and the friendship that Dmitri and Pavi (still smile so hard when I write this!) develop during his imprisonment!

I absolutely adore the way this author wove this story around! It worked seamlessly, connecting each and every character and a whole lot of secondary characters that could have ended up being too chaotic!

This was such a fun ride to read – not only it is written in a way that makes it all the easier to understand a world that you aren’t exactly known to – no complex language or situations to get lost in – all you need to do is read and get lost in a world that is brilliantly eloquent and wonderfully imaginative.

But honestly? That ending though – I never did see it coming! Another .5 Star added to the rating; just for THAT FREAKING AWESOME ENDING! 😉

C.K. Brooke writes some inventive stories – her mixing of different genres make it a wonderful respite from a real world. Her books are some of my top recommendations, especially if a reader adores fantasy genre, but isn’t ready to leave the  YA scene, and if they are ready try a little different mixture in their reading! 

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NOW ABOUT PAVLOVA WARD aka PAVI – I know she isn’t me; and that this character isn’t going to reflect who I am in reality; but I ABSOLUTELY ADORED HER! She is so different, yet an amazing character that I fell for from the moment I started to know her! She isn’t the focus of the book; she is soo much more really! And you’ll know it too; when YOU get to KNOW HER!)

“What are you reading?”

“Alfred Meignon’s Order of Natural Philosophy: Volume I, III and V. And The Chronology of extinct Monarchs”

“And the scrolls?”

“Benson’s Maps of Astro-Mathematical Values”

“What, no novels? No lyrics, no epics?”

“And why ever would I waste my time on such useless frivolity?” Pavi scoffed.

“Useless frivolity? Dmitri was incredulous. “Young lady, in what sort of nonsense have you been schooled? Why, fiction captures the heart of man, the very essence of the human experience through an entirely unique and uncopiable process!”

“As long as I’m stuck here,” he grunted,”I am going to write my own novel.”

Pavi snorted. “A novel.” She couldn’t think of anything less worthy of a person’s time.

“Say, Pavi? I am wondering,” he scratched his chin, “if you’d be willing to proofread what I have so far?” When she wasn’t quick to answer, he appealed, “Seeing as you have impeccable grammar, who better to point out my errors?”

“I suppose I can take a look. Though  I warn you, I’ve never read a novel, so I don’t know how useful I’ll be?”

(Seriously? Novels are frivoulous? What is WRONG WITH YOU, BOOK PAVI?)

“I am tired of not existing. They can keep Princess Jinver’s daughter a secret, but shall not suppress Pavola Ward (aka Pavi!!!). For I will go into the world and make a name for myself.”


Cheers, Pavi

My Rating (1)

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .5 (as an objective blogger!)

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ (as an out of control excited reader!)


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