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ARC Review: Taylor Made (Taylor Made #1) by K J Lewis

Taylor Made

Emme James’ southern roots and ease at reading people make her known in elite circles as one of the best image and brand consultants in the business. Her gut-instinct and ability to balance six male roommates, a New York Madame, a rock star and her job do nothing to prepare her for the chaos that ensues when a chance meeting places her on a path that threatens the resolve of control Emme masters.

Having never mislead a woman of his intentions, Graham Taylor makes no apologies for his ‘fuck ‘em and leave ‘em attitude’. He gets no hassle sex and they get money and notoriety. The only stipulation, control. His. An unexpected mishap places him next to an unassuming southern girl whose honesty and kindness kindles a need to show her what it would be like to give control to him even for a short amount of time. His underestimation of her tenacity soon blurs the line of who is really in control.

My Review (1)

eARC provided in exchange for an honest review

Disclaimer: This book ends on a cliffhanger. I did not know that before going in. It did not end well for my iPad. It has now cracks like it’s crying and I can’t even sincerely apologise to it.

Can I be honest? I have not read Crossfire Series and I read Grey Book 1, before I left it. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for Alpha, Possessive Heroes – I like them just fine (in fact, I more than like them, I fell in love with one of them!), what I am not into guys who do not understand the meaning of being protective possessive or being asshole protective!

And while I knew this one was being touted for fans of Crossfire and Grey, I still went ahead, for *MY* gut instinct got me to sign up for this one and I *Always* listen to my instinct – it hasn’t steered me wrong yet!

Emme James is woman who with a secret past and definitely a present that’s he has cultivated for herself – she balances a full blown career, with the stress of being roommates with not ONE but SIX HOT GUYS (I honestly would have dies of combustion, hence she had my admiration from the start!) 😀 She literally was the calmest heroine I have read in a long time – but that just made me want to unearth her secrets all the more – so yes, I could see the attraction the males would have had to her! 😉

Graham Taylor, a hot shot rich alpha is a man who values *HIS* control over everything in life, even women. He isn’t someone who misleads about his intentions, but he isn’t someone either who lets go of someone he really wants. And he definitely wants Emme, even though he knows (but doesn’t accept!) that he has met his match!

Can I just say, for a DEBUT NOVEL, this was OFF THE CHARTS BRILLIANT! I can’t even express properly how this author sucked me right into this romance without even me realizing it! DO YOU KNOW HOW RARE THAT IS?

The wonderful complexity of this plot is absolutely unreal, (and I am repeating that, this is the author’s DEBUT NOVEL!), it is absolutely atrocious that this author hasn’t been sharing her words with us before this.

I adored every single part of this book – from Emme and her relationship with her roommates (her dwarves even if they are all TALL and did I mention, HOT!!), the support system she has even though she tries to everything on non-emotional level and her connection with Graham! OH. MY. GOD. **fans herself* That connection is literally the foundation of this book and honestly, if there was any slacking on the author’s part in this regard, this whole book could have gone sideways but NOPE. SHE NAILED IT RIGHT ON THE CENTRE!

Their relationship was everything I could have ever wanted in a character’s pairing – there is stubbornness, there are secrets, there is stupidity but there is also passion, compassion and understanding. In fact, everything that could make them a real couple rather than a fictional one was there in the mix!

Okay. For the cliffhanger. Now this is not the worst cliffhanger I have ever lived with but I DO NOT LIKE CLIFFHANGERS and I did not go in with all the information (my fault really!), so when the book ended? My iPad *accidentally* slipped from my hands and now sports a giant crack in the screen – definitely NOT my finest hour as reader really! But c’mon! How am I supposed to live with THAT ending till the next book’s release date is announced (which it hasn’t been. I checked. Religiously!).

Plus, I *WANT* a paperback copy of this one – and I can’t find it anywhere and I want it *NOW*. That cover is brilliant – so minimalist and without giving away a hint of the amazeballs story inside ❤ *totally in love right now!*

Do you even realise my dilemma? *sad face*

This is a book that you *DEFINITELY* need to read – but if you are anything like me about cliffhangers, then maybe put this one on a TBR till the next one comes out – for now every book I read will be overshadowed by my thoughts of this one! 😀

Cheers, Pavi

My Rating (1)

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .5 

(yes I am shaving off 0.5 for that cliffhangerish ending. But only for that. Which might be changed WHEN I get my hands on the *signed* paperback copy of this brilliant book! Bribery? Nope, just a little something to keep me sated till the next one’s release!)

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