Release Day Blitz: A Right to Remain by Beth Rinyu

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He had a right to remain suffocated by his pain.
She had a right to remain silent about hers.

For better or for worse. 
Those were the vows that I had taken with my wife six years ago. We had lived through the better and were barely getting through the worse. I tried to face our loss together, while she chose to have an affair instead.
Time apart was what we both needed.
What I didn’t expect in that time was her.
The beauty she possessed on the outside was a far cry from the scars she was harboring on the inside. She wasn’t looking for love and neither was I. She just needed someone to help her deal with the pain she had been carrying around for the past two years, and I was happy to oblige.
I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with her, but suddenly I was seeing a future that I never dreamed of right in front of my eyes….only to find that the past had other things in mind for us.


I always believed that we only got one true love in life, and mine was gone and never coming back.
Through the tear-filled nights and never ending days, I was slowly and tortuously coming to terms with the pain that was my reality.
And then he entered my life.
Tall, handsome, genuine and caring, he was a friend when I needed one most. Together, we were a temporary fix to our own permanent pain. Just two people helping each other to get through a very dark period in life.
But when the light begins to shine ever so slightly with each passing day, and his face is all I can see at the end of that tunnel… I run back into the darkness or move into the light with him?
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There are always two sides to a story – that’s what we all say don’t we? 
But what if the story is one mix of tragedy – whose side do you trust? Whose emotions do you feel more? 
We meet Quinn first – a cop by profession, a husnad and a father. When life threw him a curveball, that socked him right in the gut, he is barely able to function – but what makes the pain unbearable is that the one person, the one woman who should have stood by him, on whom he should have been able to lean on betrays him. In the worst possible way.
While he does his best to try and salvage his marriage, his wife spits on his every move with actions – but says all the right words.
Lacey, on the other hand, is a survivor – a victim of a supposedly senseless crime that made sure she ended up looking over shoulder – she lost her husband and a part of herself in that crime – that she is slowly trying to rebuild, even though she wants nothing more than to go back in time.
Neither she nor Quinn are looking for relationships – nor a second time love – but when has fate (read: author) ever done what they want.
The blurb makes it sound like one-angsty read, doesn’t it?
But this romance was so much more than that! And that is the brilliance of this romance.
 We see right away that both Quinn and Lacey are wary of each other, but nevertheless drawn to each other, but what I ABSOLUTELY LOVED was that they both started off as friends – good friendship slowly became their foundation for a relationship.
I also ADORED the fact that while both Lacey and Quinn understood each other’s demons, that didn’t mean they didn’t have their problems and faults either – what I mean, is that it didn’t make them a perfect match right from the start.
There are a number of connections, and secondary characters who are in the way of their HEA – but it’s the author’s skill who makes it so that by the end of the book, you get a an ACTUAL feeling of closure – and that is a skill I have rarely seen.
But there is a teeny tiny issue that I do have with the romance – there was no actual realization on the part of the characters that they fell in love – no “OH DAMN” moment that I could have reconciled with, one moment they are together, and the other one is professing love to the other.
And that, my lovely readers , is my pet peeve. I really need the whole “freaking out” over the realization of love to love the journey, but then again that’s me – your choice might be different.
But beyond this, I honestly have to tell you – the mixture of mystery, angst and sweet slow burn romance that you just might love when you are curled up with coffee at night ❤
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I crawled into bed next to Aaron, who had just returned from a business trip. I had surprised him by cutting my girls’ weekend short to be home when he returned. The rain was beating against our bedroom window as we lay in each other’s arms.

“You didn’t have to cut your trip short, but I’m so glad you did.”

“Me too,” I whispered as I kissed him on his bare chest. “Aaron?”


“I was thinking.”


I playfully smacked him on the arm. “I want to have a baby.”

“Let’s do it then.”


“I’ve never been more serious in my life.”

He pulled me closer and our lips were just about to touch when we heard a loud crash come from the kitchen. I giggled. “Betcha Gus broke out of the laundry room again.”

He kissed me on the forehead and hopped out of bed. “Hold that thought…I’ll be right back…”

“You never came back, Aaron! You never came back!” I shouted as I stood in the doorway with the freezing cold rain pelting me in the face. I slid my back down the doorframe and buried my face in my hands, allowing all of my emotions to come to the surface. “You never came back to me,” I sobbed.
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About The Author (3)
Ever since I can remember, I have always enjoyed Creative Writing. There was always something about being able to travel to a different place or become a different person with just the stroke of a pen – or in today’s world a touch of the keyboard. I am the author of The Exception To The Rule, An Unplanned series, Drowning In Love, A Cry for Hope, A Will To Change, Blind Side of Love, Three of a Kind series, Easy Silence, and A Right To Remain.


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