Top It Off: Top Recommendations.. So Far!



Well its already 5 months into 2016 – and it’s been a BRILLIANT 5 months of reading – and I think it’s time I tell you my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE READS of this year 😀

Now, these books are of a variety of genres, so you might find something that is there for everyone!

Enjoy lovelies, and don’t forget to leave your thoughts on the post and let me know YOUR favorites for this year.. Till Now 🙂

The Perfect Gentlemen Series

This series is an ongoing series about a group of best friends that include the current President of the US of A – meaning that while every book is about a different couple, the mystery is ongoing and won’t be fully resolved  till all the characters have their HEA 😉

And I absolutely ADORE this series, I have to – because Ms. Black and Ms. Blake are the MISTRESSES of Roamance – not only do I absolutely love these author’s writing style, but I also LOVE how they totally suck you in – you could start reading at 10 PM in the night and end up only looking up when you complete it at 2 AM in the morning – NOT KIDDING! It’s happened to me, with every single book in this series ❤

Only three books are out now – Scandal Never Sleeps (Gabe’s story!), Seduction in Session ( and Big Easy Temptation (Dax’s story!) – and honestly the next book in the series, CANNOT come fast enough for me! ❤

If you love your alpha heroes and romances with a hint of bite, trust me, then this is the series you definitely need to read!

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Unfinished Heroes
Genre: Adult Fiction, Romance, Erotica

This series by Kristen Ashley is NOT your typical romances – the heroes in this series live in a world of dark and definitely come under the Anti- Hero category, but they have their own code of honor and it is definitely easy to fall for these heroes!

Not to mention, Kristen Ashley is THE BOMB when it comes to writing romance – THERE IS NOT A SINGLE BOOK BY HER THAT I HAVEN’T ADORED YET!

The last book in this series (ALL STANDALONE!) – Sebring is out now – so if you still haven’t plunged into Kristen Ashley books, then the fact this series is now complete, should definitely give you the incentive to take the plunge NOW!

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Pucked (1)
Genre: Sports Romance, Adult Fiction, Romance

This series is not only hilarious, but also has SWOON-WORTHY atheletes, who not only will have you having your sides in stitches of laughter, each romance will also give you something different with every single book!

I started into this series with Pucked Over and trust me, with every single book, I ended up cursing myself with not giving into these books sooner!

The Last book in the series – Forever Pucked is NOW OUT!

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Genre: Adult Fiction, Erotica, BDSM

 Last series recommendation of this post – I PROMISE!

This was the FIRST Series I read about BDSM and I WAS HOOKED! After Fifty Shades of POOP, I have been leery of getting into BDSM books – but I still took the plunge into this series, and I haven’t regretted it since!

11 Books in this series and it is still going strong – not only does it have scorching HOT scenes, but it also has the perfect mix of humor, mystery and brilliant writing that definitely gets you hooked right on the go!

You can check out my review of the whole series – here and as well as here. The newly released installment – From Sanctum With Love and  Devoted not only answers some questions but definitely opens up more mysteries to solve and I, for one, can’t wait to solve them 😀

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happily ever ninja
Genre: Romance, Romantic Comedy

Penny Reid was my top favorite authors of 2015 and her Knitting in The City Series one of my top reads of 2015 – and its a year later and it is still true for me!

Although they can be read as standalone, they all feature characters re-occurring in all the books – and every single one of them is written brilliantly and weirdly quirky fashion that is a trademark of Penny Reid!

Happily Ever Ninja is the latest installment of in this series – and is quite literally one of the BEST books I have read about what happens AFTER the HEA!

If you like something different and quirky with your romance, then really, look no further than this wonderful series!

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Baker Street
Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery


I know I am – and when I found out that there was a book written about Mrs. Hudson, a character that I have always been fascinated about – I just couldn’t resist myself and I have to say, this book definitely reminded me why historical mysteries like Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie have always been on my top favorites list.

Written in the typical fashion of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this book gives a bit of a different look to the mysteries of Sherlock Holmes – a mystery that die- hard fans of the old mystery will definitely appreciate and adore!

Check out my review here and go get yourself a copy – because trust me, you won’t regret it!

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wall of winnipeg
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romance, Sports Romance

This romance was literally the BIGGEST SURPRISE of this year – I hadn’t even heard about this book or even this author – but the moment I opened up to read this book – I just COULDN’T put it down!!

This romance is the definition of SLOW BURN ROMANCE (My Review!) – it is over 600 pages and the MC’s take a whole lot of time to fall for each other – but it is the BEST ever! It was easy to like Adrian, but you do it anyway because he redeems himself brilliantly!

This book is definitely for those who love their romances on the slow side – but this is definite must read for those who die-hard romance fans!! ❤

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Genre: YA, YA Fantasy

Melissa Landers is my go-to author for those times when I am feeling disenchanted with the YA genre! And she never really disappoints!

Starflight has absolutely everything I absolutely love in one single book – rebels, space, pirate and a group of misfit characters bought together by fate and stay together by choice and LOTS of action!

Melissa Landers has never disappointed me and I doubt she ever will!

The nest book in this series – Starfall is set to release in 2017 and I definitely can’t wait 😀

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heart shaped hack (1)
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Comedy

This book is the only one that was NOT released in 2016 – but it is the one I READ in 2016 and definitely went into totally crazy mode for the hero – IAN!

If you need any reason to read this book – then look no further – Ian is like my DREAM FICTIONAL HUSBAND – NOT KIDDING! He is not only intelligent, but is also quirky, sarcastic and not to mention HOT!

While this does NOT end in cliffhanger, the next installment for Ian and Kate is going to released this June – White Hot Hack -*cues the happy dance* and I can’t wait to lay siege on Ian once again!

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the winners kiss
Genre: YA, YA Fantasy

The Winner’s Crime was one of the first eARCs I received for review when I started this blog – and hence it holds a special place in my heart.

But that’s not the only reason why the final installment in the Winner’s Trilogy is on this list – it is literally the BEST ending to a YA trilogy I have ever read.

It ties up everything in a little bow and honestly it gives CLOSURE the way readers are supposed to have when they end a book!

The Winner’s Kiss shows the way the author ties up everything matters a lot, especially considering that’s how you will remember the whole series!

This series is for those who love YA – with a little bit of complication and a lot angst with characters who definitely do NOT act YA in nature! In fact, I do believe, this series has pretty much everything for everyone! Definite must read ❤

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Genre: Romance, BDSM, Erotica, Adult Fiction

Debauched is the third book in the Undone Series – another series that I ADORE, but this book definitely is MY FAVORITE of all the books in the series (and others as well!) – and that’s because it is as close to reality as it could be and not to mention Chad (the hero!) was PERFECT in every single way he could be!

This can be read as standalone – though you should read Unraveled before this – the starting point of Chad and Ruby! ❤

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These are the books I have read and reviewed but there are some books/series that I have not yet reviewed – because I have a very fast reading speed and definitely less time to type down every single thought about single book I read 😀

  1. Rock Chick Series by Kristen Ashley
  2. Colorado Mountain series by Kristen Ashley
  3. The ‘Burg Series by Kristen Ashley
  4. The Mercenary Duology by Stylo Fantome
  5. On The Island Duology by Tracey Garvis Graves
  6. The Heart by Kate Stewart
  7. Steady As The Snow Falls by Lindy Zart
  8. The Player and The Pixie by L.H. Cosway and Penny Reid
  9. Unseen Messages by Pepper Winters
  10. Randy Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn
  11. The Matchmakers Playbook by Rachel Van Dyken

I hope you check out the books that have made me fallen in love with them, no hold barred and DEFINITELY let me know if I have missed any books that SHOULD be on this list! ❤


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