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Blog Tour: Review+ Excerpt & Giveaway: Sticky Notes by Drea St. James

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Welcome to the Blog Tour for Sticky Notes by Drea St. James hosted by the wonderful Indie Sage PR ❤ 

Go ahead, check out my review of this hilarious romance, a little teaser into it and a chance to win an amazing giveaway!! 

Have fun, readers 😀

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 A serial dater and self-proclaimed ninja, Liv Lester thought accidentally running into her date from hell was as bad as her day could get. As it turns out, there areworse things. Not only is her company getting sued, but the only person able to clear its name has disappeared without a trace.

A brilliant lawyer on the fast track to becoming a senior partner, Dax Morgan follows strict rules that don’t include crazy women who pretend to be his girlfriend. His latest case was supposed to be easy. Get in, sue, get out. He certainly didn’t plan on meeting Liv, who throws color into his black and white world and makes him question his loyalties.

After chance encounters, misunderstandings, and a trailer load of sticky notes, the two grudgingly team up and find out they might not be as different as they first thought.

My Review (1)

I read this blurb and I went like “I NEED TO READ THIS ONE” and as usual (or at least most of the times!) my instinct was right! *does the happy dance*

She’d practiced relentlessly and eventually gained the title of Supreme Grand Gumerino of the Universe after winning the Bubble Gum Bubble Blowing World Championship five years in a row, a feat unheard of until she came along. And she was only thirteen at the time—the youngest contestant to ever enter.

You know you have an interesting book in your hands, when your heroine works as a Gumlogist – aka someone who makes new flavors of Bubble Gum (I KNOW!) This is like the most “out of box” profession for a female heroine I have ever read!!

Now, Liv, is a serial dater, mostly because her parents are disappointed that she has chosen such a weird profession – but when she involves a stranger in her act to escape a date from heel, she opens up a can of worms that just refuse to closed again.

The man she unknowingly involves in her charade is not only the neighbor she is having “Sticky Notes” fights with, he is also the lawyer of the rival Bubble Gum Company suing them for patent!

While I can not write any more about the plot without giving away spoilers, I can tell you one thing – this is one hilarious book! You have the two protagonists who are attracted to each other in reality, but are fighting prank wars with each other as 10A and 10B!

I loved the writing style of the author in this book – told in double POV – it is not only a refreshing plot  but it is also fun and hilarious to read (but most especially, imagine!). I LOVED both Liv and Dax’s pranks on each other at one side, but adored their progressing relationship on the other.

This is a book that hs a bit of everything, mostly fun, with romance but a dash of suspense and angst mixed in! And the only reason I haven’t given it 5 Stars is because, the end came quite quickly and in almost a hurried fashion – and though it didn’t really detract from the overall enjoyment, it still felt a little rushed.

But otherwise, for all those who LOVE chick-lit type writing and a light, fun romance to read, this is a great book to  cozy up with!

“You covered my walls in acoustical foam.”

“You destroyed my front door.”

“You gave me a dog.”

“You painted my door pink.”

She cracked an unexpected smile. “So I did. One of my best works, if I may say so. If you manage to sue us into bankruptcy, at least I know I can always get a job as a painter.”

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“There was a little incident at Wentworth and Miller’s, but I already have a plan to get out of a charge.”

“So how little was the incident? Someone cried a little or there were casualties little?” Liv chimed in, taking in his spotless appearance. He looked like he’d just stepped out of a photo shoot, not spent some time in a cell. Grinning at her, he gave her no chance to react before he swept her up into his arms and kissed her thoroughly in front of their audience.

Liv melted into his embrace, forgetting they were standing in the middle of a police station. A throat cleared loudly and pulled her back to her senses.

Lori looked at them with interest. “Well, that’s a new development.” Shaking her head, she walked out, leaving Dax to put an arm around Liv and kiss her forehead.

“Let’s not make her wait or she’ll leave us here.”

They piled into the car, Liv and Lori making Dax sit in the backseat.

“What happened with the case?” Dax asked.

“Why don’t you start by telling us why you spent the last few hours in lockup?”

“Mistaken identity?”


Check out this amazing giveaway!! I am definitely taking part in this one, for I would love to have a paperback copy of my own *_*

All you need to do is click on the image below to know how to enter! 😀 

All the best, readers ❤

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Drea St. James

Mastering uncooperative cooking utensils, fixing wardrobe malfunctions and the ability to speak to dogs are all on Drea’s bucket list. One thing she did tick off her list recently is the conquest of the computer. Well for the most part. There may have been a few incidents proving the contrary to be true. Just don’t mention a supposedly missing ON button to her.

Drea lives with her husband and two extroverted dogs in Perth, Western Australia, the world’s most isolated capital city whose population thinks daylight savings is code for government conspiracy.

Lucky there is always Drea(m)land, where everything is possible. Even staying out past nine o’clock on a school night.

Drea is currently in treatment for her book addiction.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads



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