Facebook Giveaway – February Edition


As you all know, this year I have decided to add on a new feature to my Facebook page – For The Love of Fictional Worlds  😀

(Just because I love books, but I love giving bookworms more books to read!! :P)

Last day of every month, from January 2016, will have a giveaway pinned to the top of my Facebook page, where you can win the eBook of your choice from the favourite books I read that month!!

Isn’t it exciting ❤ ❤

I really hope you love this new feature, because who wouldn’t want more books to read, am I right? 😀

This month’s favorites for me are:

  1. Carry You Home (Carry Your Heart #2) by K. Ryan
  2. Out of Focus by L.B. Simmons
  3. Fighting Dirty (Ultimate #4) by Lori Foster
  4. From Sanctum With Love (Masters and Mercenaries #10) by Lexi Blake

And since, three of the four books in this month’s favorites are from a series – I have decided if you haven’t started them yet, I am willing to send across the first book in the series, to give you a head start instead of the one I have listed above

Aren’t I awesome?

So what are you waiting for?? Go ahead to my Facebook Page and check out the rules to enter!! 😀

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