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Review: Heart Shaped Hack (Kate & Ian #1) by Tracey Garvis-Graves


When Kate Watts abandoned her law career to open a food pantry in Northeast Minneapolis, she never dreamed it would be this difficult. Facing the heartbreaking prospect of turning hungry people away, she is grateful for the anonymous donations that begin appearing at the end of each month. Determined to identify and thank her secret benefactor, she launches a plan and catches Ian —a charismatic hacker with a Robin Hood complex—in the act.

Ian intrigues Kate in a way no man ever has. But after learning he’s snooped around on her personal computer, she demands retribution. Impressed with her tolerance and captivated by her spirit, he complies and begins to slowly charm his way past her defenses. Time spent with Ian is never boring, and Kate soon finds herself falling for the mysterious hacker.

But Ian has enemies and they’re growing restless. In the hacking world, exploiting a target’s weakness is paramount, and no price is too high to stop an attack. And when Kate learns exactly how much Ian has paid, she’ll discover just how strong her love is for the man who has hacked his way into her heart.


Understandably why I chose this book to read – and not just because it got really good reviews, but because awkward, straight talking literal meaning dorks are my kryptonite 😉

And Ian just became the undisputed King of Dork for me 😀

Browsing books to read on Goodreads, found me this little gem and what a brilliantly shining gem that this actually is!!

“You’ve obviously hacked into my computer. How did you do it?”
“I came in your backdoor.”
“I’m certain you did not.”
“I assure you that I did.”
“Without even discussing it with me first? No preparation? No warning? Don’t you think that’s incredibly bad form?”
Ian grinned. “Are we still talking about your computer? Because I find you utterly delightful right now.”

Kate Watts runs a food pantry, that is in desperate need of money, so she goes on air to make pleas for donations – which results in an unmarked duffell bag, being left outside the food pantry full of money and when that happens again, she is determined to find out who exactly is leaving the money for her pantry.

Who she finds at the other end of the bag is Ian.

“No more backdoor?”

“No more backdoor.”

He appeared crestfallen. “Ever?”

“Never”, Kate said firmly.

“Not even on my birthday or like a special occasion?”

“Are we still talking about my computer?” she asked.

“You probably are.”

Ian is the mystery in this book – he charms Kate (and the reader) with his adorakableness, his intelligence and sarcasm (yes, that’s a positive trait for me!) within minutes of meeting her. Kate tries really hard not fall for him (yeah, right!) but that is hard when you have such a terrific specimen of man right in front of you.

Ian though he gives himself to Kate fully, still keeps a lot of secrets and Kate, who loves him equally, believes him enough to let him have his secrets (not that it didn’t break both their hearts). 

“Maybe you don’t want the guy who broke your heart to be the one to help put it back together, but I would be grateful if you’d give me the chance.”

This book kept me in stitches, warmed my heart and broke my heart only for it be stitched back together in a way that I would always, always feel the burn of it, when i re-read or remember this beautiful book (which I will when it’s sequel White Hot Hack is released!!).

There is also no romance drama in this book – as in, no vengeful ex’es, no irrational jealousy, and no misunderstanding (THANK YOU TRACEY!)

But that doesn’t mean that you won’t end up literally wanting to kill the author, especially at that 70% mark, because let’s face it, that was mean, mean mean thing to do to your readers *angry face*

“He’d stayed because he loved her. She’d go because she loved him.”



⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


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