Review: November 9 by Colleen Hoover


Beloved #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover returns with an unforgettable love story between a writer and his unexpected muse.

Fallon meets Ben, an aspiring novelist, the day before her scheduled cross-country move. Their untimely attraction leads them to spend Fallon’s last day in L.A. together, and her eventful life becomes the creative inspiration Ben has always sought for his novel. Over time and amidst the various relationships and tribulations of their own separate lives, they continue to meet on the same date every year. Until one day Fallon becomes unsure if Ben has been telling her the truth or fabricating a perfect reality for the sake of the ultimate plot twist.


Disclaimer: My review is my own honest opinion and is not influenced by third parties including but not limited to the author and publishers.

The first book I read by Colleen Hoover was Slammed and Let me tell you, I really wasn’t impressed – I couldn’t exactly see what the hoopla was all about when it clearly didn’t seem that up to the mark. Of course, I had it at the back of my mind, that it was her debut novel and there is always room for improvement.

Hence, my decision to pick up this novel by here – and that the blurb is so intriguing had almost nothing to do with my decision. Almost.

“It took four years for me to fall in love with him.

It only took four pages to stop.”

It took me a while to get into the book – mostly cause I was on the verge of a reading slump *shivers* – but I finally put my foot down and kept at the book until I completed it – You gotta admire my tenacity 😛

And somewhere at the 4th November 9 – I started reading because I was getting engrossed in the book and not because I wanted to beat my oncoming slump.

Somewhere I decided that the angst that both Ben and Fallon were feeling, became a physical ache inside me and I needed to know that  everything would be okay with them. Somewhere I just stopped reading those words and just kept feeling everything that was just Ben and Fallons’.

“Are you booksting me?”


Yeah. When a hot guy talks books with a girl. It’s like sexting but out loud and with books instead of sex.”

And somewhere, reading November 9, I realized exactly why CoHo has a huge fan following – I realized how one author and her words can take over your entire life without you even noticing – Yes that’s how overlords work and we have a genius one at hand!

You have to admit, I love reading. I devour more books in a week than I do eating and that’s how much I love my reading life – so it is a safe assumption that even romances tend to feel the same across all the genres – so with a blurb like this, I really was expecting something different and I got it. Even if I got it more than 60% into the book!

“When you find love, you take it. You grab it with both hands and you do everything in your power not to let it go. You can’t just walk away from it and expect it to linger until you’re ready for it.”

I also adored the fact the fact that we have alternating POV’s in this book because it definitely made it all the more easier to fall in love with both Ben and Fallon. Honestly, they were the most realistic characters I had read about in a very very long time!

Ben is this charismatic young boy who, after meeting for the first time, you just know will be a heart breaker once he is done all growing up. It is hard not to want a real life Ben after reading CoHo’s Ben!

Fallon is a protagonist I should read in every romance, but I rarely ever get to. She, even at the age of 18, has her head screwed down straight, no matter she has suffered through! And doesn’t let herself be swept away by a hot charming man, no matter how much she wanted to be – as evidenced by her offer of meeting every year on November 9th.

“He’s put his scars on full display for you, and you need to show him the respect he showed you by not turning away from them.”

This book is not just about romance, it is also about understanding how lie can throw you curves in the worst possible way and yet it is a reflection of the person you are and the person you want to be, the person you hope to be on how you handle those twists, with your head held high or your head buried under the sand.

“Do fictional boyfriends cry as much as I do?

“Only the really great ones do.”



⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .5

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