Top It Off: 2015 Favourite New Authors

Top New Authors

2015 was such a beautiful year and mostly because that through this blog, I got the chance to move past my comfort zone and find new authors that I absolutely fell in love with! 

So, here it is, the list of authors who have done nothing but make me fall in love with them – their characters, their stories and their writing style!! I hope  that you have read some of these authors, but even if you haven’t, just know that every single book by any of the authors below, will always have my “Holds No Barred Recommendation!” 

Also, do not forget to leave in comments, the new authors that you loved and would love to see me try! ❤

Melissa Landers


I don’t like aliens – like I don’t watch movies related to aliens, forget about reading books about aliens, but Melissa is an author who absolutely changed my outlook to aliens and I fell in love Aelyx – he is totally adorable to be very honest! 😀

Alienated is the first book, Invaded the second (review will be up really soon!), and there is going to b a third book – United – THAT MAKES ME ALL THE MORE EXCITED 😀

The cover whore in me is really satisfied with these covers 😛 (Psst! Click on the image to be taken directly to Goodreads :D)

She is also releasing a new book in YA genre – Starflight (already on my wishlist, of course!!) – and it also has such a beautiful cover!! EEP! Can’t Wait!


So if you are looking for a light YA read with hints of Sci-Fiction, I suggest you definitely give Melissa’s books a try – they are adorable ❤

Romina Rusell


Her book, Zodiac (check out the review here) is a world of it’s own – honestly, I came across the book and was immediately intrigued! It still remains till date, one of the very few books I have picked up without even checking Goodreads and I honestly wasn’t disappointed. Very few authors have the ability to make up entire new worlds, and Ms. Russell seems to be one of them!

The second book – Wandering Star is now live as well – though being absolutely broke means that I slowly have to save up paper to buy this book, but I have heard really good things about it and I can’t say I am disappointed!

You should definitely check this series out, especially if Star Signs are something that you are really interested in! ❤

Again, some of the most beautiful covers I have ever seen ^-^

 Meghan Quinn


I encountered Ms. Quinn, when I requested her book – The Virgin Romance Novelist (review can be found here) on NetGalley!

With a title like that I was expecting a rom-com light read which would have suited me just fine, but what I got was, was so much more than that! Imagine, it’s in the middle of the night, you start a book and before you know it, it’s almost morning and you have woken up the rest of the humans by your uncontrollable guffaws 😀

Perfect for those times when you want to immerse yourself in a book that has a lot of humor! 🙂


Jennifer Dawson


Again, an author I greatly underestimated!! I requested her book – The Name of The Game (Something New #3) through NetGalley because I absolutely LOVED the blurb of the book and not realizing that it was third in a book went ahead and read it and was blown away (review can be read here). So of course I went ahead and read all of the books, and I was never disappointed – not once! This series of hers had everything, from humor, to great characters who just aren’t for show, a plot that had me on the edge of my seat and writing that was actually flawless!


What I didn’t realise was that she also wrote Erotic Romances and those were also something not to miss out on! I was contacted to be a part of the Blog Tour for Sinful (Undone #2), so I did my best to read the first book asap – honestly, I believed an author who is amazing at Contemporary could actually be able to pull off Erotica but boy am I glad how wrong I was proven 😀

Recently release is Unraveled (Undone #2.5), a great prequel to the next book in the series, Debaunched, one that I can’t really wait for!! 😀

Jen (3)

Read my review of Sinful and don’t forget to click on the image below to check out the GoodReads for the whole series!!



This author was one of the hidden gems of 2015 and I am not ashamed to say I cried when reading her book – The Man I Love (review can be found here).

This is one of those books that is hard to classify into one genre, and that is exactly why it is the exact portrait of a life and has such a profound effect on readers!

This is one book that you should definitely not miss! EVER!



K Ryan


Finding Emma is a book that took me by surprise. I have to be honest, I was expecting a mediocre book, but what I got was a book with such a strong message that took me not only by surprise but made me love this book with everything in me!

It is a book that I believe every young/old female should read – because the romance is good, heartwarming, but mostly because this book teaches you to be strong and to fight for an identity for yourself!

Again, an author I really look forward to reading more from ❤


Lexi Blake


You know what? I have been totally turned off BDSM since Fifty Shades of Poop (Yup I said it), so I was a bit unsure of Lexi Blake’s Masters and Mercenaries series – but the fact that they also had a bit of suspense and proposed action in it, I had hoped that it would be a better bet than FSoP – and I wasn’t disappointed! Hell, I was ecstatic and I absolutely marathon read all of her books (all those that were available!) and EVERY SINGLE BOOK of MS. Blake isn’t less than 4.5 Stars – they are that good!

Not that I am not pissed off about the kind of twists that Ms. Blake has thrown us in Master No! And she doesn’t even plan to resolve it soon – How mean can she be? 😛

Don’t worry, there is going to be whole slew of reviews on your way soon – because the 10th book – From Sanctum With Love – the  story of a psychologist with sadist tendencies is going to be out soon! ❤

Lexi Blake (1)



Another author whose works I absolutely loved is Kristen Ashley! She writes amazing romances with Alpha Males, and strong heroines with enough depth in the plot to have a bit of everything – from angst to humor to absolutely scorching romances that will keep you reading late into the night!

I have read almost (not almost, every!) series written by her in 23 days – that is about 62 distinct works and 7 different series!!

And I loved every single one of them – they were like addiction, an addiction that I absolutely enjoyed and loved!


It was hard, but I finally decided on the Rock Chick series as my favourite and I hope to own physical (and hopefully signed!) copies of this series in the future!


Second favorite series is the Dream Man series – which is honestly not just because it was the first series that I read of Kristen’s but also because this  series tends to connect to another favourite of mine!


The Unfinished Hero series is not your mainstream romances with straight laced heroes – it is mostly about men who live in the dark and yet find a source of light – and that not all heroes wear a cape!

The fifth book in the series – Sebring is due to be released in January 2016 and I so hope that I can actually get my hands on an ARC this time!

Read Kristen’s books, especially if you are a secret romance addict with a weakness of hot arsed males with a heart of gold – only for his mate!

Well, these are my absolute favorite new author findings of 2015! Have you read any of their works? Who was your favorite author? Don’t forget to let me know – I am always looking for new authors to read 😀

5 thoughts on “Top It Off: 2015 Favourite New Authors”

  1. A new author I discovered this year was Robin Talley, who wrote both Lies We Tell Ourselves and What We Left Behind, the latter of which I have yet to read. I loved Lies We Tell Ourselves though!


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