Double Feature: McCall & Company by Rich Leder



Off-off-off-off Broadway actress Kate McCall inherits her father’s New York private investigations business after he’s a whole lot of murdered in a life insurance company elevator.

A concrete-carrying, ballroom-dancing construction mule says he fell off the scaffolding, can never work—or dance—again, and sues the contractor for a whole lot of money.

Kate assembles the eccentric tenants of her brownstone and her histrionic acting troupe to help her crack the cases, and they stir up a whole lot of trouble.

But not as much as Kate, who sticks her nose in the middle of the multi-million-dollar life-insurance scam her father was investigating and gets a whole lot of arrested for murdering a medical examiner.

Will Kate bust the insurance scam, prove who really killed the examiner—and her father—and get out of jail in time to pull off the ballroom sting of the decade? She might, but it’s going to be a whole lot of hilarious.


Disclaimer: I received an eBook (and won a physical copy in a giveaway) via the author in exchange for an honest review.

Workman’s Complication is not the kind of book that I tend to go for when I am searching for my next read – but I started this blog with the thought to actually expand my horizons on the kind of books that I have been reading and I hoped that this book (and its sequel) will be a step in the right direction – and boy, did my gamble pay off!

Kate, the protagonist of the story, is an actress – and while she would like to be known only for her acting like all actresses, she still has to supplement her income by taking extra jobs. Mostly, she earns extra cash aka rent money, by managing the apartment building she lives in, but sometimes she also helps her father Jimmy in his work as a Private Investigator.

At the start of the book, we meet a whole lot of characters, mostly the tenants of the building Kate managing as well other actors with a rehearsal of the opening night of a play. All is going along swimmingly well mostly, when Kate’s father is murdered, leaving her floundering in the sky.

Taking over her father, she works on finding out exactly what happened with her father – the mystery is where this book is at but it is not all that this book is about.

It’s been a few days since I completed this book – and honestly I am speechless – at the kind of work that Mr. Ledger has put in, the story he has weaved and the writing that has made me fall in love with every  single character that he has given birth to.

It’s difficult to put in words the kind of impact this book has had on me (I ain’t a writer), but I am definitely going to try my best to do to justice to this book.

Each chapter has a singularly hilarious title – a title that is apt to everything that will occur in that chapter all the while taking subtle digs, sarcasm and irony at its best. The humour throughout the book isn’t the in your face kind of humour, but the kind that takes its place in your mind, and even when you have closed the book, you can still remember titbits that happened in the oddest of places – it happened to me while I was in the middle of work and a serious case 😉

The plot is rich and the characters makes it diverse – the kind of relationship these characters have with each other is impossible to miss and is endearing to watch. Mr Leder has given a realistic feel to his characters that I have rarely found in literature fiction novels.

But the best part? The best part was the mystery – I pride myself in understanding and solving mysteries before the author even gets to BIG REVEAL – I cackle at my evil genius mind by pointing finger out to the character responsible, even if I don’t really have all my ducks in a row, mostly instinctual, my gut has never failed me before, nor in fiction nor in reality!

But Mr. Leder basically just screws up my whole “Can do no wrong Investigator” vibe that I got going on! Do you have any idea how disheartening it was not to be able to know who the murderer actually was – this is the major reason why I came to admire Mr Leder as an author – wanted to kill him for ruining my track record, but I admired him just the same!

This is a surprise book and definitely one that deserves more attention than it has actually gotten, because everything about this book was on point!


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐




Way-off Broadway actress and NYC PI Kate McCall had promised the police and the Assistant DA—her son—that she was all done investigating any damn thing in New York…

Meaning beautiful billionaire socialite Brooke Barrington says someone has stolen her identity, and the corporate assassin who murdered Kate’s father has shot the eyes out of the CEO of Superior Press…

Meaning McCall & Company is back in business…

Meaning Kate enlists the help of the eccentric tenants of her brownstone—the House of Emotional Tics—and her melodramatic acting troupe, the Schmidt and Parker Players…

Meaning things spiral hilariously and dangerously out of control…

Meaning she is confronted by Brooke’s demonic identical twin, Bailey, accosted by international counterfeiters, and arrested for impersonating a hooker…

Meaning will she stop Bailey from murdering Brooke? Or will she stop Brooke from murdering Bailey? Or will she figure out how to tell one from the other in time to survive the wrath of the Bulgarian mob men hired to protect the counterfeit cash? And will she finally find her father’s killer?

She might, but it’s going to be a fast, fun, and furious ride.


This is the second book featuring McCall and Company – and I would highly suggest that you read the first book, Workman’s Complication because the author gives a freaky twist in the tale at the start of this book and pretty much gives away the mystery of WC and has me going, WHHHAATTT? (Seriously, like out loud!) – therefore, please read the first book (also, because you are missing out on a gem, if you don’t!).

As with Workman’s Complication, this book is also out of my genre comfortness, but I soldiered on ‘because I fell in love with the author’s style in the first book – and I wasn’t disappointed in this one either. Most of the times, you find that the quality that makes an author’s storytelling special is lost from one book to another especially, in literature fiction, but I am so freaking happy that it wasn’t the case with Mr. Leder, that I actually had little smile on my lips the whole time I was reading the book! (No kidding, my fiancé, even asked me what in my iPad had me smiling all the time :P).

And even has the same level of adorableness in the characters he had in the first book – Kate with her ‘all over the place eccentricity at its base is as satble as it can be’, her son the DA who loves his mum but is still frustrated with her eccentricity, and secondary characters that are still as crazy, still hilarious and still freaking amazing as they were in the first book!

The plot is going two ways, for Kate is till trying to find exactly what happened to her father – a job that is seeming to be never ending for her and then she also has a new client with the problem of identity theft, a wealthy client to be precise. How is everything going to sort out for her, now?

Again, the plot is something that I am in awe of – I was so afraid that Mr. Leder would end up loosing the eccentricity of it’s plot or the fact that I overestimated how much I loved the first book – but I am gregarious that it really wasn’t so. You have humor, mystery, and something that is quintessential “Rich Leder’” style of writing situations that stay long after you done with the book – a fact that is shared over with both the books that I have read!

In short, these are books that you think might not be good when you are in a store looking to buy, but that would be one mistake that I suggest you DO NOT make – if you get a chance, read these books. They are worth every penny you spend on them!


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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