Blog Tour: Doc’s Codicil by Gary F. Jones


When Wisconsin veterinarian Doc dies, his family learns that
to inherit his fortune, they must decipher the cryptic codicil he added to his will—“Take Doofus squirrel-fishing”—and they can only do that by talking to Doc’s friends, reading the memoir Doc wrote of a Christmas season decades earlier, searching through Doc’s correspondence, and discovering clues around them. Humor abounds as this mismatched lot tries to find time in their hectic lives to work together to solve the puzzle. In the end, will they
realize that fortune comes in many guises?
Doc’s Codicil is a mystery told with gentle humor. It tells the story of a veterinarian who teaches his heirs a lesson from the grave.


I recieved an eARC of the book in exchange for an honest review.

I usually don’t read satirical novels – I am too sarcastic in real life to actually appreciate the kind of genius that writing a satirical novel takes. And this is one of the best sort of books I have read in a while.

Doc’s Codicil is a novel about a man and his will. A will that needs to be deciphered before it can be fulfilled 😀

And damn if it wasn’t fun to see where it all sort of ended up at. This is one of those books, that takes different characters and even timelines, to teach us lessons that are sure to stay with you long after you keep this book aside!

Doc is a character who has suffered through insecurities lack of courage and yet has found his way, with help along the way of course! Told in two different parts (current and past), first we get to learn how absolutely freaking brilliant it is to code your own will – seriously peeps, I am definitely doing this – sort of like a last Hurrah for the dearly departed 😀

Second, is we learn the past behind the man the characters are currently trying to decipher – Doc has had a full life – a life that has seen it’s share of ups and downs, a life that has been overshadowed by his insecurity and yet has seen his courage to accomplish a satisfactory life despite those insecurities. Throughout this, Doofus,  “friend” to the Doc has remained constant. Now Doofus is a character whom I adored – he is flagrantly flamboyant and not to lie, a wee bit crazy as well – but I absolutely adored him – because even at the worst of times, he could get you to smile and that is exactly what we all need in our lives.

It’s amazing how different readers take away different things from each book – I know that this book isn’t really my cup of tea but to me it came at a juncture in my life that I needed to understand that somethings are just out of my control and all I can do is hang on for the ride and that’s exactly what this book taught me.

You might get the same thing out of this book, or you could get something totally different out of it – but the one thing we all will learn is to make a codicil that will leave our family in stitches and closer than ever. That is a promise.


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


If you are in need of a book that has subtlety as it’s foundation, then I promise you can not get better than this book!


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