ARC Review

ARC Review: Ink Deep by Renee Lovins


Most of Briony Carmichael’s body was tragically burned as a child. Deeply hurt by the reactions of those closest to her, Briony believes her scars render her unlovable. She hides in her apartment, secluding herself from the outside world.

Tattoo artist Corbin Franklin has everything – including a brain tumor that will kill him. Determined to not let his art die with him, he seeks someone to become his living legacy, a walking canvas for his art.

Drawn in by the idea of having her scars covered with beauty, Briony enters Corbin’s studio and changes both their lives. However, when concerned loved ones interfere in their blossoming romance, the resulting chaos could cost them everything.

Author’s Note: In this re-imagined version of Beauty and the Beast, readers should expect a happy ending that doesn’t follow a HEA as expected in a traditional romance.”


I received an eARC of the book via Novel Reviewers in exchange for an honest review.

Beauty and the Beast in reverse.

A scarred beauty and an arrogant beast.

A beauty who has struggled through pain, trauma and the over protectiveness of parents.

A beast who has just been given notice on his life.

And when Beauty and the Beast intersect, you have to know that it will be a love story to last for till the end of time ❤

This book was wonderfully weird and yest that’s a good thing. I absolutely loved the characterizations of both Briony and Corbin.

“Even if she died tomorrow, he would never have regretted loving her. She had made him the person he was. Love, real bone-deep love, was always worth it.”

Briony came off as a strong female who has gone through so much – a horrific car accident that has left her body scarred, her family in tatters and a life that is half life. Because of her scars, and the horrified reactions that she gets when she moves out in the world, she has sequestered herself in her apartment and in her online persona! She believes that she is happy and content with her life, when her online best friend sends on a road that will forever change her life.

Corbin is an a$$hole. There is no two ways about it. He is like every twenty something old who believes that he is invincible and when he gets the news that he isn’t? He goes into denial and then makes THE DECISION that puts him on a straight collision course with his destiny, aka Briony.
Corbin is arrogant, cocky and a jerk, especially when he first meets Briony – even though he recognizes the potential of what could be done with Briony as his muse.

Even if he couldn’t give her a lifetime, he could give her his lifetime.”

For Corbin has decided to leave behind his legacy – a legacy that involves showcasing his brilliance as a tattoo artist by leaving behind full body tattoo on a muse – the perfect woman.

For Briony, though this opportunity is a way to come out of her shell, a way to embrace her own life, to finally feel control over a life that has been just out of her reach. She has to fight through over protective parents and not to mention her own insecurity to find the happiness she deserves.

Both Corbin and Briony know each other for a very short time, and while I absolutely abhor insta-love or an almost insta -love situations in my romances, this was beautifully handled by Ms. Lovins. She made me sigh, cry and absolutely fall in love with every single character she has written in this book – even if they were found to be villains in this love story.

While Corbin didn’t exactly do an about turn in his personality, you could literally feel him softening his rough edges for Briony and to her credit, Briony was the soft touch that Corbin needed in his life.

They both went through soo much together in such a short time, that I couldn’t help but even forgive the insta – love situation. Honestly, I had been rooting for these two for long that I couldn’t even hold back my tears when I finally saw them together.

This book took a little time for me to get into, like maybe a few pages, but I do have a spot soft for a vulnerable but strong heroine and a cocky  but good kinda a$$hole heroes that I would have given this book all the attention that it needed anyways just for having characters that I loved.

And I am oh so glad that I never gave up on this book – because this is one of those books that give you a sense of closure when you turn to the last page. That will everything you just read may not be pretty but it it was real and that’s a brilliant achievement for a fictional romance.

“His love had made her beautiful.”


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

RecommendationIf you love romances where both protagonists help each other to grow and in fact grow together and make each other a strong individual – then you can’t miss this book!


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