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Review: The Duchess Quest (Jordinia #1) by C. K Brooke


Dainy doesn’t know that she is the lost Duchess of Jordinia, believed to have been assassinated fifteen years ago. Nor does she know that her uncle has implemented an illegal contest to seek her, offering her marriage hand as the reward! Though at odds, three clashing rivals – including a noble giant, a forest dweller and a thieving rake – voyage together by woodland, prairie and sea to recover the lost royal, notwithstanding the assassins and spies at their tail. Soon, young Dainy is swept into a comically complex romantic quadrangle as each suitor competes to capture her heart. Charmingly romantic and bursting with political intrigue, startling twists and vivid characters, readers of romance and fantasy alike will adore this original yet timeless tale of swashbuckling adventure and unlikely love.


I received a digital copy of the book via Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

This is the story of Dainy, a girl who has grown up believing that she is an ordinary girl living with her aunts without any idea what happened to her parents. That’s about to change.

Because she is, the lost Duchess of Jordinia, someone who was thought to have killed by the rebels when she was 3 years old. Saved by the fleeting conscience of one the rebels and damned by the deathbed confession of the same, her life is about to be thrust in an upheaval that she can’t do anything about but be swept by!

Her uncle (who has reasons beyond familial love to have her found!) puts out a reward of money and Dainy’s hand in marriage for the one who brings her back safely (misogynistic much?).

This leads to a large number of men setting out to find her. Out of these are 3 men – Jon, Mac and Bos, each with their own agenda – money, marriage and even honor. While Jon is a charming bastard, Mac is a gentleman and Bos, is just Bos, an honorable man who is keen on finding Dainy just because of loyalty to the Royal Family of Jordinia. (Yes, I liked him the best!). Sule is added later on, but not before proving herself.

Dainy and her band of friends band after understanding that their survival is dependent on the assortment of skills each of them possess. Yet there is an underlying animosity (totally validated!) amongst all of them, which only experiencing true perils can build.

This was a good book – not an amazing one because while Dainy was actually likeable what irritated me was the fact that she was more interested in the romantic aspect of her journey than the fact that her whole life is in upheaval and that she actually has to depend on 3 total strangers for her survival – strangers who by their own admission have ulterior motives to protect her.

While everything was on point with this book – humor, romance, mystery and a whole lot of action – there was still something missing. The fact there was insta-love in this story probably is one of the reasons for the low rating I gave, because any instant love or attraction on character’s part leads me to become double the cynic I am!

But the fact this installment ended not with a cliffhanger but with a sense of anticipation for the next book is a beautiful save by the author.

Because now that you know what might be happening in the next book, you look forward to it, especially if there is a hint of quite the character growth as well.


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .5


This book is meant for a certain time and mood – so if you are in a mood for a light plot with an array of characters that make a book interesting – then pick this one up!


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