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ARC Review: Loose Changeling (Changeling Wars #1) by Andrea Stewart

When Nicole catches her husband in bed with another woman, she doesn’t just eject him from the premises–she turns his mistress into a mouse.

It’s not as if she meant to. Far as she knew, she was regular-issue human. So she’s mystified (and mortified) when Kailen, Fae-for-hire, shows up on her doorstep the next day, hits on her, and then drops this bomb: she’s a Changeling, a Fae raised among mortals. The doorways between the Fae and mortal worlds have been sealed shut for a millennium, but now are opening randomly at an alarming rate, and mortals are turning up dead. Kailen’s employers believe she’s the only one who can close them.

Nicole would be happy to oblige and get her life back to normal, but she’s developed a magical block. Not only does she fail to turn her husband’s mistress back into a human, she can’t do any magic unless she’s angry–and she’s only angry enough when her husband’s in the room. Before Nicole can say “I don’t believe in fairies,” she’s jumping between the Fae and mortal worlds with her soon-to-be-ex, his mousy mistress, and the Fae bodyguard she’s increasingly attracted to, trying to figure out who’s opening the doorways and why.

And she’d better stay mad and learn how to use her powers quickly, because there’s a price on her head. Any magic a Changeling performs cannot be undone by another Fae, so the Fae have a simple rule for those like Nicole–kill on sight.


I received a digital copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

The only reason why I requested a copy of this book? The protagonist is an Adult Female. Not a teenager. Not a Young Adult. Not even a 20 something old. She is a full grown adult female with an adult life and adult problems.

How many fantasy books would you have read that has a strong female character but is yet to understand the ways of Adult life. Not that I mind those amazing teenage characters (*cough* Hermoine *cough*), but now that I have a little (by little I mean, minuscule) experience of being an adult, I sometimes need a more mature point of view, even in fantasy genre.

“I never thought I would get divorced, much less running around with a guy I barely know, learning magic. And all this in a course of  week.”

Nicole is a driven ambitious woman who is quite good at her job. She married her college sweetheart, Eric who was the good old fun loving guy – not so much fun anymore since he is now unemployed.

It’s a little hard to get a read on Nicole. She is someone who tends to take life by it’s teeth and spend the rest of the time polishing it to suit her needs. She leaves the rest of the world behind, only focusing on her needs and wants. She excuses it with the fact that she is now the only one responsible for the home and hearth, while her husband lazes around. (Yes, her bitterness comes through!). And worst comes to worst, she walks in on her husband cheating in her and in a fit of rage changes the “other woman” into a mouse! Why a mouse you ask? Because in her words, she looked a little like a mouse.

“I said before you were like a gun in a game of Russian Roulette. Forget That. You’re more like a loose electrical wire, swinging about a storm.”

But this was only the beginning. Kailen comes to her disguised as a Divorce attorney and her journey into the magic realm begins. Kailen is the proverbial secretive, brooding yet achingly hot guy and he brings with him, knowledge that will shake the foundation of Nicole’s life!!

Together, they go on a journey that will change both their lives. Will it be for better? Will they still be whole at the end of this journey? Only time will tell.

But the characters, every single one of them, were beautifully written. It is a skill of a be able to write characters that aren’t overshadowed by each other. each character, even the secondary ones were so well written that I fell in love with each of them. And I can’t wait to read more about them 🙂

“When you’ve got a heritage like mine, you came to realise you have to adjust your expectations of normal. Normal isn’t sitting in front of the TV with your feet propped up and a beer in your hand after a long day of work. Normal is waking up to a grushound at your door, loudly demanding food and lodging with a vocabulary that surpasses your own.”

This is an amazing start to a whole new fantasy series. Full of action, this book keeps you invested in not only the characters but the plot itself. I can’t wait to find what happens in the next book.

Now my only wish it find this book in Paperback in India. A little help, Ms. Stewart? 😀


4.5 / 5 Stars


If you love fantasy genre, do not hesitate. Just pick this one up. You will not regret it. That’s a promise.



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