When Real Life Intrudes in on Your Reading Time XD


 Once upon time, a bookworm completed her education and decided to find a job. She looked all through newspapers and recruitment advertisements and found the perfect job for her. 

Now, her job was good for her reading time, because as long as she completed the case work allotted to her, she got time to read. But one day, she got the news that the research paper she had worked one, had been selected for a national conference. Now she has to let go of her precious books and go in front of an audience and talk about her paper.

She has to now say goodbye to her blog and her reading time for 5 days (FIVE WHOLE DAYS) and it is breaking her heart </3

And in the delicious Tom Hiddleston’s words – I will miss you all.


P.S. I have a couple of reviews scheduled though if you start missing me too much 😉


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