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Arc Review: Distraction (#1) by Angela McPherson


Aside from the normal changes in her life, college junior Elle Richards can always count on her friendship with Tristan. The longing for him to love her back is something she keeps well hidden, even from herself. No matter how many miles apart they are, regular phone calls and texts keep them close…until the day everything changes.

Wide Receiver Tristan Daniels has a good thing going. Much to his, and every single woman’s surprise, he’s in a committed relationship. The possibility of going pro looks more than promising…until his spur of the moment transfer to a rival college is approved. Now, Tristan will be forced to be in the presence of the woman he’s secretly loved for as long as he can remember. Elle.

Being away from one another was enough to keep Tristan and Elle distracted, but angst, confusion, and troubled secrets launch them into a breathless, heart pumping story you won’t want to miss!


I was provided with this review opportunity by XpressoBookTours  on behalf of Angela McPherson in exchange for an honest review.

Disclaimer: This book contains mature language and some mature scenes.

“I have loved you since we were kids. I’ve wanted you so f—- bad, but I never told you how I felt because the thought of losing you, even as a friend, terrified me.”

Distraction is the story of two best friends, Elle and Tristan. They have been best friends since childhood and have been in love with each other for all the time, but not wanting to destroy their friendship, they “distracted” themselves.

They both move off to different colleges. Now, Tristan has a girlfriend and Elle, well she is still in love with Tristan but she is still cherishes their friendship, even if she doesn’t understand some of the choices he has made (True friendship for the win!).

Tristan is the typical college jock, who loves sex, but is honestly faithful to one girl he fell in love with. And no, that is not Elle. He is a charmer, cocky and absolutely a hunk! You can see that his friendship with Elle, is always the back of his mind and even though he doesn’t know it, a lot of his decisions are influenced by her and her friendship.

While, Elle is the typical girl – next door. She is nice, pretty and a loyal friend. Still in love with Tristan, she tried to keep her friendship with Tristan alive through texts and calls. She is a nurturer by thought, and does her best to avoid confrontations. So for the first half of the book at least, I could not seem to empathise with her.

This story is quite well written. The writing is a credit to this story really. I am not a fan of a story whose plot’s foundation is angst. While I believe that a little angst is required in romance (who doesn’t believe that a little hurt is required for a love to be enduring!), a story filled with angst from the start to the finish isn’t really my cup of tea. And I wouldn’t have continued with this book as well, if the writing itself hadn’t hooked me in (Believe me, I will read anything as long it is quite well written!).

The characterization as well is one of the strong points. Both Tristan and Elle, grow up a lot in the book. You see their friendship being tested through their growth, yet the one thing that never wavered was their love for each other. The growth for both Elle and Tristan isn’t instantaneous, it a climb uphill. And I fell for both of them, especially since they made decisions that I would have, if I had been in their shoes.

Minor Spoiler: My respect and admiration for Elle skyrocketed when she refused to be doormat and made Tristan work for her trust and love. Now that’s the sort of heroine I love! You go girl!

These two though really tested my patience. When I am reading a romance, the one thing I really hate – the one thing I can’t ever stand is mis – communication between the protagonists. There were times in the book that I was literally going to pull out my hair because of the fact Elle and Tristan weren’t speaking to each other, especially considering the fact that they are supposed to be best friends. I mean, best friends are supposed to be able to talk to each other right? That’s how at least it goes with my best friends.

Beyond the angst and the mis – communication, this one really had me hooked. It’s one of those stories that no matter what irritations you might have with the plot, you still can’t let go. And best (worst?) part is that I completed it thinking yes, now they have HEA and I can rest easy, I read the blurb for the next part – Addiction! Well, there went my peace! *sighs*

 I am now going to have to get that one as well, which considering that I do not have an International Card to pay for the kindle version, I am now praying that a review opportunity for that one comes along soon! 😀

“If you fall, I’ll catch you. Always.”


4 / 5 Stars

(I would have given more but what I didn’t like were actually quite important deal – breakers for me!)


Since this book contains mature language and scenes, I would recommend this for 18+ audience. Also, recommended for those who absolutely love a heart wrenching romance between the protagonists as well as for those who love a beautiful character growth and prefer a good writing style.



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