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Review Tour: Please Don’t Tell My Parents I Blew Up The Moon (Please… #2) by Richard Roberts

Review Tour

Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press | Date of Publication: January 29, 2015

Cover Artist: Ricky Gunawan| Buy Links : Amazon US | Amazon UK

Supervillains do not merely play hooky. True, coming back to school after a month spent fighting – and defeating – adult superheroes is a bit of a comedown for the Inscrutable Machine.  When offered the chance to skip school in the most dramatic way possible, Penelope Akk can’t resist. With the help of a giant spider and mysterious red goo, she builds a spaceship and flies to Jupiter. Mutant goats. Secret human colonies. A war between three alien races with humanity as the prize. Robot overlords and evil plots. Penny and her friends find all this and more on Jupiter’s moons, but what they don’t find are any heroes to save the day. Fortunately, they have an angry eleven year old and a whole lot of mad science… cover10005-687x1024


When I received the request of participating in tthis blog tour, I was quite excited! I mean, for a girl like me who almost certainly failed high school science subjects (I still think my grades were a mistake!), being a nerd who loves gadgets and all things science fiction is the very definition of irony here! 😛

There were two things that made say yes to this blog tour and review!

  1. The title. Enough said.
  2. I am like a superhero/supervillain groupie. (I am weird like that!)

This is the sequel to “Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m A SuperVillain” (the review of which can be found on GoodReads here) and continues on the adventures Bad Penny has with her friends.

Just to clarify, I loved the first book. I did. Though touted as a middle grade novel, it was interesting enough to capture my attention. And I expected nothing less from this sequel as well.

Yet I was a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong. The gang and their antics, were adorable and hilarious not to mention quit un-villainous like. Yet there was something missing. It’s hard to pin point exactly what may have irritated me in this book, especially when it had everything a nerdy geeky like me loves.

I loved Penny and her friends, Clair and Ray in the first book. They were so awesomely cool (groupie-ness coming out here now! :P) and quite mature for a middle – grade heroes/villains. The book was fast paced and amazingly innovative in the gang’s villainous attempts to be good!

Now in the sequel we have Penny and her gang (the Agency) who tried to be villainous yet they seemed to be missing for most part of the book. And should have been an amazing confrontational relationship between Penny and Remmy, turned to be less than stellar and the complex conflict filled relationship that could have been, just fizzled out without heat. Yes, I agree they are both middle grade protagonists, yet the character developments could have been much better! Also, I saw less of Claire and Ray, and that just didn’t stick right by me!

That being said, Mr. Roberts has created a world that is unlike I have seen in a long while. His writing is fun and wonderfully imaginative. This book had amazingly “cool” action sequences and gadgets in that, of course made me envious and wonder why couldn’t have I been born to superhero parents as well!

And just for the record. Yes Penny Goes To Space. And Yes Penny Blows Up A Moon (And no, it is not a spoiler! It’s in the title :D)

Now I am definitely looking forward to the next instalment in the series, where I can see Penny be the intelligent and amazing super-villain that she can be and more of her adventures.


3.5 / 5 Stars

Throughout the book I was oscillating between 5 stars and 3 stars but I am ending up giving it 3.5 stars (though towards the higher end!) as this sequel fizzled out for me, where it mattered!


I would recommend this book for anybody who loves a good adventure, with a plucky villain to be, and her amazing collection of gadgets.

Author Bio:


Richard Roberts has fit into only one category in his entire life, and that is ‘writer’, but as a writer he’d throw himself out of his own books for being a cliche.

He’s had the classic wandering employment history – degree in entomology, worked in health care, been an administrator and labored for years in the front lines of fast food. He’s had the appropriate really weird jobs, like breeding tarantulas and translating English to English for Japanese television. He wears all black, all the time, is manic-depressive, and has a creepy laugh.

He’s also followed the classic writer’s path, the pink slips, the anthology submissions, the desperate scrounging to learn how an ever-changing system works. He’s been writing from childhood, and had the appropriate horrible relationships that damaged his self-confidence for years. Then out of nowhere Curiosity Quills Press demanded he give them his books, and here he is.

As for what he writes, Richard loves children and the gothic aesthetic. Most everything he writes will involve one or the other, and occasionally both. His fantasy is heavily influenced by folk tales, fairy tales, and mythology, and he likes to make the old new again. In particular, he loves to pull his readers into strange characters with strange lives, and his heroes are rarely heroic.

Find Richard Roberts Online:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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