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Review: Just Breathe by Kari Lynn (Just Series #1)

The author shared a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affects my opinion or the review of this book.

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After the death of her parents, sixteen-year-old Keira is forced to leave her childhood home to live with her aunt and uncle whom she never met. One night a voice wakes her from her troubled sleep, a voice that cannot be placed. A voice that cannot be unheard.

Amid settling into her new life she meets David, an attractive charming senior. His confidence and mystery engage and consume her. Keira tries to escape her haunts but finds herself battling with anxiety. She learns she doesn’t live in the world she thought she did. She isn’t who she thought she was. Her thoughts no longer feel as if they are her own and all too often she can’t breathe.


The author contacted me because she wanted people to read her book! And me, being me, I just had to say yes (because more books!!!).

When she gifted me the digital copy through Amazon, I did what any good reader would do. I went online and checked out the blurb on GoodReads (no, I did not check out the other reviews. Yes, it took a lot of self-control not to check out the reviews. Yes, I am very proud of myself right now!)

You read the blurb and you think – definitely some mental issues in the story and that’s what I actually thought for about 30% into the book.

There is the unknown quality that some books have to capture your interest in the first few pages and this book had it, not just in building of the storyline but also in the way she has evolved Keira  (I Love her name!!)– her character, her problems and her personality.  We start off the book with Keira and her siblings Justen and Jocelynn (Both hot. Both twins. Ofcourse) moving to their Aunt and Uncle’s place after the death of their parents. Justen is the lovable protective big brother, while Jocelynn being the typical mean girl. We also spend about half of the book getting to properly know Kiera, her fears, her issues and best of all, her idiosyncrasies (Hint: She talks to herself! And that endears her to me, more than anything else.)

This is the author’s debut novel and it has a great potential. I loved the fact she took time to let Keira grow and let me know her, properly. Her fears, her insecurities and her anxiety. And she was sassy as well, though that sassiness was far and few in between. So when she starts hearing a voice in her room when she is alone, she reacts exactly like a normal sane person would – with fear of going insane. (Well, so did I! Boy was I surprised when the author revealed what actually was going on! Nicely done, Ma’am!)

And let’s talk about David, now shall we? Isn’t David such a nice name? Such a normal pretty name for a pretty boy! So, tell me, Ms. Lynn, why did he have to be a vampire? (Whoops. Spoiler!) And David and Keira’s relationship felt honestly rushed (I literally had flashbacks of Twilight at some points) but Keira did keep her head in the game. She was cautious and sceptical of how fast the relationship went from just dating to ‘I Love You’s’ within a couple of chapters and that felt unrealistic (especially to a reader, who likes that her characters grow together before jumping into a relationship). But David was actually good for her, especially during the anxiety attacks and did her support system through the difficult time of her being vulnerable to the changes she was undergoing.

 And that’s the reason why I will not understand the choice Keira made one night. Don’t get me wrong, the author actually made a pretty strong argument for that particular choice, but the choice is something that will never ever sit right with me. (And frankly, accepting that choice made David a wimp, even with sound reasoning that he had.)

Beyond this, this book was un – putdownable (Is that even a word?) and I read it through the night I wasn’t able to sleep. It was a fun read and a strong start for the author, especially for a debut novel. With the mystery of Keira’s parents’ death and other missing people was also quite the perfect addition.

But do you want to know where Ms. Lynn went mean on me? When everything ended with smiles and laughter and the perfect present, she went ahead and added the teaser to the next book in series, Just Believe and shattered my closure completely!! How could you, Ms. Lynn, how could you do that to your readers?? *sobs*

(Now I want you to remember that I love books and I would also love to review Just Believe! I need to know what happens. Pretty please with cherry on top!)

Rating and Recommendation:

3.5/5 Stars (For the choice Keira made! I just can’t get past it!)

I would recommend this book for high school students who enjoy a book with vampires and magic with a little bit of mystery thrown in. This would be an enjoyable read, especially on a night that you can’t sleep.


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