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The Whispers of the Fallen by J.D. Netto

The author shared a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affects my opinion or the review of this book.

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Ever since the dawn of days, rumors about the Diary of Lucifer echoed throughout Elysium. Hidden from all human knowledge, the Diary was kept a secret, locked away in the small village of Agalmath.
Isaac and Demetre find themselves in a dangerous journey as they uncover the truth about the Diary and those who guarded it for all these years. However, for Isaac and Demetre, danger lies at every step, hidden in the most unexpected places.
Hunted by the Nephilins and the Fallen Stars, they must find others who will join them in the battle against the coming darkness

Disclaimer: This book contains quite a few gory scenes so please remember to turn on the lights, especially if you read at night and have an overactive imagination like mine!


I read the blurb of this book when I started following the author on Instagram (No, I am not a stalker!) and boy, was I absolutely intrigued. So, when the author gave his followers an opportunity to review his novels, I jumped at the chance (My email was out within seconds of that post :P)

The start of the book itself was a mystery with Isaac and Demetre wake up to find their parents just gone. Missing! And their home ransacked. That starts off their journey into the unknown where the best friends are thrust into a war so old that most of the humanity has forgotten even the thought of it.

This book tackles the most interesting of concept – The fall of Lucifer from grace and the reinvent of him as the Devil (or the Dark One as he is known as in this book!). Focusing on the legend of Lucifer having kept diary(ies) on the process of his resurrection (Good little Master, wasn’t he?). The Dark One’s followers, the Fallen Stars and Nephilim (The children of the Fallen and Humans, Can I just say eww?) are now in hunt of Isaac and Demetere.

This book started with a bang and ended with one. Every single page was full of twists and turns, that there was a time I actually screamed out loud (Spoiler: Isaac’s death? I actually called you bad names Mr. Author!). This book has pretty gory scenes as well, which meant that I slept yesterday with my lights on (Curse of an overactive imagination!)

Honestly speaking, I usually don’t like books written in First Person POV, but after a few pages, the discomfort was almost negligible.

This book is the debut novel of the author and it shows, at least in the first few chapters or so. The writing there seems choppy, and the story actually jumped form one point to another, but it smoothened out soon enough and I wasn’t able to actually put the book down! (By book, I mean my iPad :P). I would though honestly need at least a couple of days before I actually move on to the next book Rebellion, because damn my head is full of things that we as humanity have spent our whole lives believing just isn’t our problem!

This book is about the good and evil, about all things grey. Understanding that the right path, the path for redemption is hard, full of obstacles and never without the temptations the bad ones throw in the path.

But the best part about this book? It makes you think! It makes you think about all the mistakes you have made, the mistakes all of the humanity have made throughout the history. Being an atheist, the questions put up in this book resonated with me (especially the one below!).

“Do you not see what is happening? Look around you now! What we are trying to do is change an eternal mind set of concepts. We are attempting to reform an entire generation’s frame of mind to believe in something they always thought was a myth.”

How is that you fight for good when the world doesn’t even know that they invited the evil in? How is it that it becomes one person’s responsibility to work for change, when the humanity becomes too complacent?

Makes you think doesn’t it? The author has done a wonderful job with his first novel. Yes, this book isn’t for everyone, but it is the sort of book that you would grow to love, when you are in the right state of mind.

Rating and Recommendation

3.5/5 Stars (I added a .5 Stars for the First Person POV, it did not work for me, it might work for you!)

This book is for those who love their fantasy with a little bit of thought provoking storyline. Also, for anyone who loves bloody gory scenes as well 😀


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