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For the Love of Manga <3

Manga is one of the most beautiful versions of comics that exists today (At least in my opinion :P).

For those of you, who are noobs (like I was, about a few months back :P), Manga refers to comics that are usually published or originate in Japan written in the typical Japanese style of writing a story in images and/cartoons. It is only called Manga by the fans in the west  but not in Japan itself. It is usually in black and white and has to be read from Right to Left (kind of like Arabic but with images :P).

My fascination with Manga, though is quite recent; started off with the Infernal Devices Manga (review of which can be found here), the illustrations honestly so pretty and amazing, not to mention the way story was worked at, just about clinched my interest.

A friend of mine also casually mentioned an Anime series called Death Note and after which I was ordered to watch it. I was, at first, a little resistant, because anime, I believed just wasn’t my forte. But since it was an order (and I really am good at taking them, when it suits me :P) I actually went ahead and watched it. And I was hooked. I completed the whole series within days (Yes, I marathon-ed it!). 

So i went on a binge researching [Yes, that’s a thing for me because I get obsessed very easily ;)] and read about all the different genres of Manga available and then went on to research specific series in Manga (and boy, did I suffer an information overload!!!)

The Japanese names of any manga, are quite confusing, so you should definitely search by their English names (take it from me, understanding those names were pretty embarrassing :P) Honestly, though, Manga isn’t for everyone. But frankly, once you start reading them, you just can’t let go! (Trust me, I have tried!)

It was only recently, that I could start buying them (because my unwavering slavery isn’t actually enough to get discounts!) and of course, after Infernal Devices, the first Manga i ordered was the Death Note! And they just arrived! 

So pretty no? <3
So pretty no? ❤

These are the original Japanese Manga translated into English, with them being read from back to front, right to left (This means, the covers above are actually the back covers of the Manga, rather than the front! Awesome right?)

Another browsing of my IG feed (You can follow me on Instagram here) led me to another absolute find from one of the beautiful people I follow, the sweetheart @bookishmelanie (You can check her profile out here) and I just couldn’t resist. 

Processed with Moldiv

Yup, y’all guessed it right! It’s the Manga version of Alice in the Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Absolute Perfection isn’t it? 

I remember first reading this book as a part of the Library Class in school when I was in the 6th Grade. We used o get one copy of a book to take home for a week and asked to provide a simple one page essay as to why we liked/disliked the book (you would be absolutely right in guessing that this was my favorite class :D). So when I saw this book available here, I didn’t let my broke and crying bank account stop me from ordering it! Best though, the Death Note and This came in together! Perfect day that was ❤ 

I still can't get over how perfect this illustrations are <3
I still can’t get over how perfect this illustrations are ❤

This would honestly be one of the best gifts a kid could actually get. It would interest him/her into reading and the illustrations are honestly so beautiful that they wouldn’t feel the book being a drag (This is a tried and tested formula. Trust me, my younger sister doesn’t like reading but this one she definitely enjoyed *evil grins*) 

There are honestly so many genres of Mangas available like fantasy, romance, comedy humor, etc. Some like Death Note are also made into anime, like Black Butler (though I haven’t watched this one yet), the manga is still ongoing (Download here). For romance lovers, you do have Kaichou wa Maid-Sama (The Student Council President is a Maid), Midnight Secretary (Download here) and many others!

The best part of manga is that these are actually available online to read. Perfectly free and in English as well. The best known site though is Manga Stream and Manga Fox. Both literally became life saviours for people like me, for whom getting a Manga is actually like finding an author book signing, absolutely impossible! (Yes, India doesn’t get Book Signings. Pity me people!!)

But if you are like me, you would of course need to have the copies of those Mangas, if not physically at least in digitally you can check this website out! It has quite a good collection of Manga available for download in PDF format, and they are continously adding on to their collection. The downloads are in quite a good quality and the images if not crisp, are perfect for reading on a laptop/tablets.

But here’s the best kicker of a news! How many of you are  BBC Sherlock fans? I am guessing a lot of you (because c’mon, Benedict Cumberbatch is so crummily scrumptious and Martin Freeman is dweebily adorable!!).

There is now a SHERLOCK MANGA!! And it is beautiful!!! It was fan made in Japanese but has now recieved the go ahead to be officially translated into English and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!!! *EEEEEEPPPPPP* 

You can read the unofficial translation of the manga here (but shhhhh don’t tell anyone! It’s unofficial for a reason :P)

If this doesn’t get you into reading Manga, then I doubt anything ever will! But I hope it does, because I need more people to fangirl over these perfections ❤

And if any of you awesome people know more Manga that I could love, go ahead and let me know! I don’t exactly need a social life, now do I? 

Disclaimer: The websites mentioned/linked here are only for information purposes. I do not/ have not made a single penny for the information here (Sadly enough :P).


13 thoughts on “For the Love of Manga <3”

  1. This is probably my most favourite post on your blog :’)
    My first anime (after watching Animax as a child) was Death Note. And since then, though I haven’t had the time or the patience to watch anime shows, I just LOVE LOVE anime movies.
    There are plenty to choose from and they are just perfect ❤

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